PP-R, Polypropylene Random Co-polymer, has been used for plumbing and heating applications for over 30 years.  The success of this plastic piping system was due to its ease of handling, being light weight and its multifaceted properties for a wide range of uses and applications.  PP-R offered good flexibility and excellent pressure and chemical resistance.

In 2004 a new milestone in the advancement of hot water pressure piping systems was introduced, PP-RCT, Polypropylene Random Crystalline Temperature.  PP-RCT has a special crystallinity which exhibits an improved pressure resistance, especially at elevated temperature.  The advantages of PP-RCT piping systems are many:

  • Reduced material costs
  • Reduced installation costs
  • A homogeneous system which prevents leaks and failures
  • A durable material which resists freezing, harsh chemicals and impacts
  • Lightweight
  • Immediate pressure testing
  • Quick fitting installation with heat fusion technology