Teel and BQ started discussions about entering the PP pipe market together and soon realized they shared many of the same values and approaches to markets. Both have an experienced skilled team that pride themselves on being professional, progressive and personable with a strong focus on long-term customer relationships.

Teel BQ Americas is focused on providing PP-RCT pipe and fittings to the North American market.  The company will use Teel’s market connections and logistic system to distribute pipe made by BQ.  This offers a great opportunity for the North American market.

PP-RCT is a next generation piping material for many applications, including hot water, process water, hydronic heating, potable water, and district heat systems.  It provides superior pressure rating at elevated temperatures, is inert, chemically resistant, and is heat fused to form a leak free system.

Teel BQ Americas will continue the traditions of both companies by offering high quality products at a superior value while providing top notch customer service.


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